Dr. Havoc's Diary is a new stop-motion series from Mark Cope and Carlo Moss currently in production and slated for release in late 2016. The series will take typical superhero-supervillain situations and place them in a real-world context, as it seeks to answer the question, "What happens when an international supervillain goes through a mid-life crisis?"

Developed in conjunction with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's New Form Digital, the series will tell the story of Dr. Havoc over the course of 30 short-form episodes, in the same vulgar and outrageous tone as The Most Popular Girls in School. Puppets, sets and props will be fabricated through the use of 3D-printing technology, and the project will be the first shot entirely at our new Culver City studios!  Mark Cope stars as Dr. Havoc, alongside Lee Newton as his wife Kim, Grace Helbig as his daughter Ally, and Dave Hill as his arch-nemesis Secret Agent Brock Mason. They will be joined by a repertory cast made up of MPGiS regulars and a slew of guest stars including Flula BorgChester See, Jim O'Heir, Allie Marie Evans, and Open Mike Eagle.

The series doesn't launch until later this year, but until then, check out this sneak peek featuring Erik Griffin as SuperJamaal, as well as a look behind the scenes: