Carlo Moss, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, is a writer and producer with a background primarily in sketch, improv, and experimental theater. A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he’s also spent years training and performing at ioWest, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Second City. Carlo is a veteran of numerous long-running improv groups and his solo show, Fairytales Aren’t for Assholes ran for two years in Los Angeles. In addition to his writing and producing work, Carlo also lends his voice to a wide variety of characters in the Extra Credit universe, including Deandra and Rachel on MPGIS, and Kyle the Henchman on Dr. Havoc’s Diary. Carlo oversees branding and social media for Extra Credit, and along with Mark, has been nominated for a Streamy and an IAWTV award for his work on MPGIS. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America.