Carlo Moss, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, is a writer and producer with a background primarily in sketch, improv, and experimental theater. A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he's also spent years training and performing at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv Olympic, and Second City. Carlo is a veteran of numerous long-running improv and sketch shows and has had his work in comedy profiled by The New York Times. His one-man-show, Fairytales Aren’t for Assholes, played for two years in Los Angeles and is now being developed into a novel. In addition to his writing and producing duties on The Most Popular Girls in School, he also gives voice to Deandra, Blaine, Rachel Tice, Shaw and a host of minor characters. His work on Dr. Havoc's Diary includes Writer, Producer, Puppet Lead, and Director of Vocal Performance. His acting roles on the show include Superpowered Man, Kyle the Henchman, and Frank the Shitty Boss. He also holds strongly to the belief that Home Alone 2 is far superior to Home Alone 1, and is willing to defend this belief in any manner of debate, formal or otherwise.